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Rajita Chaudhuri introduction

“My teachers always taught me to dream big, speak with conviction and make people believe in my dream and lastly work hard to make it happen.”

"Focus & be patient...Dreams do come true!"

Q. How did the idea for your business come about ?
A. “Beauty is power, and makeup helps enhance it” I truly believe in this. For me makeup is more than just a tool to look good. I believe makeup can transform a person, it can transform moods and boost one’s confidence. Makeup can do magic for it does not just make the face look beautiful but it has the power to change your whole personality and attitude.

Ever since I was a little girl was fascinated with makeup. My knack to think and experiment outside the box led me to my first professional training in the art of doing makeup. After gaining some meaningful experience from the experts in the industry I decided to share this skill with other women who loved makeup the way I did. That is how ‘Makeovers by Simran’ started.

Q. What is the best advice you ever got? From whom ?
A. My teachers have always given me the best advice. They taught me one thing “Always work hard and dream big. All you have to do is believe and love every bit of what you do. If others can achieve it so can you”.

Q. "Great leaders are also great speakers” Do you agree ?
A. That is absolutely true as great leaders are those who can make people understand and believe in their vision and take it to as many people as they can. This can only be possible if they can speak with impact and conviction.

Q. What are the key elements to starting and running a successful business ?
A. 1. Stay consistent
     2. Do your homework
     3. Surround yourself with the right team
     4. Have self confidence

Q. Marketing is the most important aspect of a business. How do you market your business ?
A. Having the right marketing strategy is important as it eventually leads to successful sales. The most critical component while planning your marketing strategy is identifying your target audience. Once you have a clear understanding of who your potential customers are and what they want it is easy to make strategies that attract them and make them try your product or service.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out what would it be ?
A. Focus & be patient...Dreams do come true !!

Q. What makes you happy ?
A. I feel truly blessed that I get to meet so many incredible women each and every day! I especially adore working with brides, as it’s such a huge honour to create the ultimate glamorous look for someone on the most important day of their life.

Q. What is the secret to your daily productivity ?
A. I don’t believe in the word ‘cannot’ rather my motto is ‘why not’. Doing what others thought was impossible to do is what keeps me going and makes me give my best to my profession

Q. Your favourite quote ?
A. "No legacy is as rich as honesty".

Q. Your favourite vacation spot ?
A. My career has allowed me to visit some of the most gorgeous locations the world has to offer. I love the sense of adventure that comes with being a global make-up artist. However London remains my favourite destination.