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The CEO is a good mechanism, but not a good master. It can serve you if you are the master and the CEO is the servant. But if the servant becomes the master and starts ruling over you, that is the state of insanity, can ruin even a great empire... What is CEO? It is all borrowed, and borrowed from different sources - from the his past experiences , from the other organizations , from the scholars , from the computer , from the libraries. Sometime even depends on his peons by sitting in glass showcases , His hunger is insatiable; it goes on swallowing all kinds of information. That information may be contradictory and impractical . The CEO all decisions should be on seen basis not on hearing basis .Who’s next? Is not the question ,Question is what practical source he is using with his organization to continue to prosper

Mahendra Mehta

CEO OR CIO OR CFO...THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR..u have to tak ur own initiatives !!

Abdul Majid Ghani Hyderabadi

wow!!!!!! more than awesome

Anoop Luthra

YES IT IS TRUE ...KNOWLEDGE ABOUT CULTURAL NUANCES AND ETIQUETTES GOES A LONG WAY IN ENSURING THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS Because all the cultures,the BUSINESS exists for the individual, the nation exists for the individual.For example:If you need a Host for your business and if you are Keeping only Politicians, then failure is sure to come,because some business need Butchers only and, some professions needs Surgeons only.

Mahendra Mehta

adaptability has been an oldest theory fr survival which is nw the mantra in mrktng...........

Monika Gupta

soory but i don`t belive in this i means by fittest is the product quality, quality stands always,but markting vanished in just somtime when turth comes over, "This survival of the fittest, implies multiplication of the fittest."

Arpan Kushwaha

like this

Pradip Kumar

business teach us to sell product but unfortunately most of the business mens and womens sell themselves in the process of selling products.

Ashok Savalgimath

Well Rajita !!
Steve jobs is cetainly a game changer on tech world, whatever he do world watch. and now the expectations are high and will surely wait what's in his mind to fight with Android... Lots of excitement expected, and Shareprice on Nasdaq will defenetly go on uptrend...

Vishi Sutrakar

nice blog mam.....

Prakash Raj

Modern consumerism is more sensible on customization.Prioritization of the customers has become the cardinal point of interest; that is the value added service with the product. Self entity idolization that injects more value to them. That is the subtle marketing technique to win the heart.

Debojyoti Pal

Shahrukh's baby (KKR), Is basically more focused on branding and marketing instead of real cricket. They launch campaign for cheer leader's, coach and all sideline activities. Shahrukh must understand that this nation is a cricket crazy nation, and if he really want to give a big boost for brand KKR he must incourage the true cricket in KKR. avoid controversies and focus on game.

Vishi Sutrakar

very rare case success is behind best players, for e.g. take the case of KKR in IPL

Avinash Denge

Well, The business is marketing. The headline is impressive. I can say success of any team can not be guaranteed by best players. It is depend how much every player contributing on team sprit. Well this was proven in the IPL1, when the team RR won the title without so many best players and the team KKR defeated instead of having best players on its radar.
Rajita !! your article is good as you not include the failure of Ganguly to not get sold in auction.

Vishi Sutrakar

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit.A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others.I love the humanity... to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.

Mahendra Mehta

kk.... mamm i promise to follow ur words

Prakash Raj

Kashyap okm maam..............we don't.................

Kapil Singh

i promise....!

Sravan Kumar

Comparing parenting of kids` stages and that of marketing stages is really nice.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

After a long time good to see your article again....everchanging face of marketing gimmick that requires always an up to date awareness for the experts......thanks for the article...

Debojyoti Pal

Rajita, its really good to see your new year resolution and impressive as well. I made one upword sentence for my new year resolution ; Think --> Dare --> and ACHIEVE in this year.
Happy and a rocking new year to you.

Vishi Sutrakar

all about public relationship....by sales man...

Munna Kumar

I don`t believe Exactly this , I my opinion business is all about Service. How good you service , which customer get easily and Without any Mistake or defect , or he can easily move on to others........

Arpan Kushwaha

iam a big fan of this marketing god............!

Sravan Kumar

very nice !!!!!!!!

Promil Mitra

‎...yes ma'am...very true...you explained this idea to us in the class......very popular in u.s. and truly a good plan.....one can expand such a strategy and it can flourish well....:)

Sherry Arora

U r a great prensenter of things with ease.Your blog posts is a treasure to me.Thank u.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

Evolution, impaired with technology and imagination sketches new portrait of business model.....the Moses before the Jews needs to be omniscient about present to introspect about the future........That may be any of us...........Nice article.....Thanks.......

Debojyoti Pal

Your style of presentation is marvellous.I appreciate your knowledge from Enstien to Facebook, is fatastic.You are energetic and positive in the outlook of things.Wish you good luck for more aticles to get from you.

Kollareddy Subhaschandra Bose

Hi ma'am nice article.

Pramod Lolage

hiiiii mam nice article.

Saurabh Goyal

looks so nice....

Vijay Ahlawat

WoW! That was a lovely trip. Just as simple as ur smile...

Aftab Khan

Only few can make the readers to visualize thier works.....Im the great Fan of yours...After reading your Article The Power of One.

Saravanan Vaithi

Simplest things how it wil work, u told in simplest manner, thanku ma'am

Praveen Kadarakoppa

A man who trusts himself comes to know the beauty of GIVING — comes to know that the more you trust yourself, the more you are GIVING the more you are in a state of GIVING (letgo) , the more you are settled and serene, the more you are calm, cool and quiet.Existence understands only GIVING.......GIVING is the greatest secret.

Mahendra Mehta

I m student of iipm del.. Business is nt marketing rather marketing is a part of business..if u analyse the word marketing it means place for trade of commodities (economics) and for a layman it means a place where sellers and buyers meet..i disagree wd both the concepts because acc. To me online shopping contradicts wd both of them as no place is req... business in broader sense has four pillars finance..manpower..operations..and trading (marketin)..without capital..hr..operations..business is incomplete..so marketing is a part of business and nt the complete business process..forgive me if i sound diff..
God bless u.

Amir Bhat

dear mam,
your story is throwing light on the future macro economic perpective.can u also throw light specificly on new emerging entreprenurial trends or the perspective business options with focus on these tier two and tier three economic centres. ur such move will provide direction to me and other person who are residing in small towns n dreaming to become modern millonaire.thnks

Abhishek Saadhak

My Dear, Rajita, as you are fully aware, many, many years ago India was the business hub of the world, untill, through our misfortune, we became poor, however, my point is, how ever we develope our business ideas and increase our wealth, how are we going to prevent it from being taken away from us, or stop our people giving it to our competitors..?

Tazy Choudhry

The more you cling to money, the poorer the world becomes because of your clinging you loose your Royalness, because money is multiplied if it is always moving from one hand to another hand. In English we have another name for money which is more significant — it is “currency.” That simply indicates that money should always remain moving like a current. It should always be on the move from one hand to another hand. The more it moves the better.There are many kinds of Richness, and the man who is rich because of money is the lowest as far as the categories of richness are concerned. Let me say it in this way: the man of wealth is the poorest rich man but not Royal man.We have been distracted into unnatural motivations: money, prestige, power.Fame comes easier if you are destructive.The very ambition for money is going to destroy your...Royalness A man who is after money will become destructive, because money has to be robbed, exploited; it has to be taken away from many people, only then can you have it. Power simply means you have to make many people impotent, you have to destroy them — only then will you be powerful, can you be powerful.

Mahendra Mehta

It is True That your next billion consumers will not come from the biggies, but small towns that have quietly grown while no one was noticing.it has infinite possibilities

Mahendra Mehta

‎@mahendra mehta i agree what u said but at the end when u said " but small towns that have quietly grown while no one was noticing.it has infinite possibilities" r u sure that small towns r growing????

Meeth Parikh

‎@MEETH, I am pretty sure, you could find out… I have lived in dozens of representative small towns and I have seen the world. .... growing

Mahendra Mehta

You can say yes to anything you want -- and, more importantly, no to anything that sounds too good to be true. Your willpower is legendary, but when it's backed up by energy like this, you're unstoppable!

Shiv Saggu

is it really that easy mam ?? i guess to not know something is a sin in present time. Isn't it ???

Abhishek Mishra

mam i m regular reader of ur article n i love it new mrktng strategie amazing it helped me a lot while my gd n interviews thnx mam......... :)

Monika Gupta

mam i also do read ur articles it is very much helpful.

Nand Kishore

hi mam .... i m also fond of ur articles

Shveta Sharma

mam, those who change the rules, surely they will rule the game................

Prashant Kumar

Mam my father even read the article and said business is all about "change"

Ankit Maheshwari

thts right...... :)

Abhishek Srivastava

because if u fallow all the rules,u lost the fun?????

Rahul Singh

its an awesome article of 4P's I read it

Rohit Singh

it should be..if u follow all the rules,u lose the fun.. and it goes both ways bro i.e vice-versa.

Abhishek Mishra Rahul

Heylo...long time ma'am..gem of a piece bdw.

Kinshuk Jhala

thnx a lot 2 u mam !

Ritesh Anand

Ma'am, I love reading your blogs, they are really interesting & insightful. But I'd suggest you plz change the font style of your blog to one which more easier on the eyes.

Shitij Yadav

mam i have also read ur blog and it was awesome the idea was gr8!!!

Shouray Saggi


Tiya Saha

Ma'am,u taught a real and very funny way to learn marketing.thank you.

Saurabh Shukla

It would be great if you can share some tips on New Business Development and Market Penetration..thnks

Kinshuk Jhala

superb thought angle ma'am... :) :)

Varun Verma
Remember ads like Nirma which pulled the rug beneath Mammoth company producing Surf. These four letters are amazing ...Love , Free , Easy ...**** , oh Shit...oops, why I am using them ;)

Ritesh Vohra

I do agree with you Rajita that Darwin theory in no more on-key, in this era of 21st century, when there is tremendous competition in each and every industry, one need to be a learning organisation, which believes in sharing information throughout the company, and learning from their own and others

Prakash Raj
"Mam September 11, 1906: Gandhi begins the non-violent protest movement in South Africa.
Before Mahatma Gandhi used non-violent tactics to kick the British out of India, he was working for the British Army stationed in South Africa. In South Africa, Gandhi was treated poorly for being a man of color and denied the right to vote by a newly passed South African law. Gandhi first tested his theories of non-violent protest at a September 11, 1906 gathering to protest the treatment of Indians living in South Africa."

Dear Ms. Rajita Chaudhuri
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and thinking by 'LOVE PEOPLE' in BANGLADESH BRAND FORUM. As i am not from marketing background, so regarding this subject i know very less. But your writing provide me a very important point to think about- "Business is not about just closing a deal, it's about genuinely caring for the people and finding out what they want."

This quote is very true, i realize. Not only in business arena, also in private life as well.

Respected ma'am , i am realy appriciated after reading the article "East is the new west" .Thank you ma'am.

"GET OUT AND GET NOTICED is really a great article.Many miss the bus by being invisible in the organisation in spite of their amazing brain power and super background.Thank you."

Dear Ma’am: As always, you rock! I really love reading your columns and editorials. Never stop writing please.

Prasad Zinjurde
You write the best of pieces about marketing.

Ashim Choudhury, Calcutta
Dear Ma’am: I have been reading 4Ps B&M for quite sometime now, and must say that we are enough lucky to have such a treasure of knowledge to update our knowledge about business & marketing. You are the real ROCK STAR - keep rocking!

Azad Dar
M.B.A (Finance)
“Love people…” is really an excellently written editorial.

Ma’am, I really loved these lines in your editorial – “THERE IS NOTHNG MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN THIS FOUR-LETTER WORD. NO IT'S NOT 'LOVE' BUT 'FREE'!" Hi Ma’am. I just read your editorial “Love People”. I am very much impressed with it! Thank you very much for a great editorial full of information

Kamal Bothra
Dear Rajita - Your write-up on 'virtual advertising' in the edit titled "BREAK KE BAAD...OOPS SORRY...PEHLE!” was quite informative. I have experienced this 'Break Ke Pahle' form of advertising during the ongoing ICC World Cup matches, but I did not know about this as a concept. Thank you. But at the same time insertion of such virtual product banners while a show is on, on TV, reminds me of appearances of those unwanted pop-ups that come on screen while you surf through a page on the Intenet. It may even reduce viewers’ interest. So, I doubt if this form of advertising is going to be around for long.

Ehtesham Haque (sent during a train journey b/w Delhi-Ranchi).
Dear Ma’am – Your editorial titled “Love People” is very inspiring and written with a lot of love and care for readers. All the best for the future.

N. Karthi
Dear Ma’am - All the facts which are stated in your editorial “Break ke baad….” are true. But will your concept actually work in the Indian context? Ma’am: Your article “Break ke baad…” in 4PsB&M was great. Your editorial read very well. It had the spark and the right thought to back it up. Hi Rajita, I loved reading your editorial titled “Love People”.

P. Thomas
Hello Ma’am: I read your article titled, 'Break ke pehle…'. It is a good initiative in the world of Indian advertisement. For instance, in films we feature and place brands. But we can surely add more creativity to the entire exercise, which could introduce more innovation in the offering.

Ramakant Sharma
Hi Ma’am: I really like the in-depth analysis on TV’s effectiveness in building brands in your article, “Break ke Baad… Oops sorry… pehle!”. You've thrown light on virtual advertising, which is a new technology using which marketers display their ads even when the program is on. Interesting, but this may have a negative impact on target audience as well, as the ad could be an irritant to the viewers as well.

Vivek Tewari, Designlounge Events and Exhibitions, Delhi
Hi Ma’am. I liked your article “Break ke baad... Sorry... Pehle”. I think the TV will continue making a strong impact atleast for the next 10 years. The penetration of other media is still relatively negligible in India at least.

I do agree that TV is still hot but I don't buy your argument that TV has outpaced Internet. Quoting your figures of "groupon" valuation of 6 Bn , Faceboook has valuation of 50 B $ , Twitter around 10 B $ ... there are thousands of internet brands who are in Billion dollar camp. I am sure you won't call it as bubble , ready to burst. Can you site similar stories for TV's, I doubt you can.

Arvind Rana
Rajita Ji ,
I love titles of your articles, they just push me to read them. I do agree with you that TV advertisement is mammoth but I do agree with comment of @Arvind that internet too has emerged very strong in recent years. The difference is that TV attracts very big brands whereas internet has a space for even a smallest/ unknown brands. The ROI for smaller companies is very high on internet.With small small advertisements google has earned 8 billion dollars last quarter of the year , which is big, it reminds me of your last article "small is beautiful"

Sachin Taneja
i m a freshman student of IBA,DU.i am a regular subscriber of bangladesh brand forum. your column in december, 2010 issue was just splendid!! peace be upon you...

Muntasir Tahmeed
Now gone is the time when people used to buy something which could last decades. Technology and tastes changes so fast that things are rendered obsolete in a very short time. Small gives a chance to experiment too ... Thanks Rajita Mam for a smart writeup :)

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies,” What a thought, Thanks, I am feeling much confident after reading this, Cant say about others but I was not aware about many of these facts before reading this article.

“Ma’am, your editorial titled, "YOU DON’T KNOCK,YOU JUST WALK ON IN,” was excellently worded and all words were simply put across in an amazing style. The overall approach to the editorial was outstanding. I really wonder how you managed it so well.

Shashank, Noida
"Dear Ma’am: Your article about business (“SPACE TO STREET DANCING THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS!") in 4Ps Business & Marketing magazine is very interesting Hello Ma’am: Your Editorial titled “LEAD LIKE A ROCK STAR” was written very well. It is absolutely true that possessing a Rock Star attitude at work is really important. The examples given were also really fascinating examples. Though it has been a long time since I read it and I might be late to congratulate you, as your article was very inspiring indeed.

Maulik Pandya
I enjoyed reading the editorial 'HOW TO KISS AND TELL'. Congratulations and many thanks for highlighting the importance of expressing things with a great degree of simplicity.

S. Ravi Chandra
I bought 4PsB&M after a long time. ‘How to kiss and tell’ is a very nice editorial. The analysis about being simple was very nice. It rebooted my thought process. It is indeed well received. Keep up the good work!

Janardhan Y
'How to Kiss and Tell' is an excellent write-up and gives out a very fresh feeling.

Himanshu Pathak
Dear Rajita Ma’am: Your editorial on 'The Art of Giving’ was superb. It was just incredible. I have become a fan of your writing. Dear Ma'am, your editorial in 4Ps B&M's Vol 5 Issue 20,titled '100 Brands...India 2010' was really a wonderful read. It was great to know that the top marketers have segmented people as per their needs and pocket, and that they have also moved on to create newer demands through innovative ways.

Ambika Shaw, Service Marketing, Kolkata
"Dear Ma'am, your editorial titled, 'Lead like a Crazy rock star' is simply 'Wow!!!'. The examples are 'Ultimate' to say the least."

Sushant, Bhubaneswar
"Hi Ma'am. I am Sonam Sharma, a student of Indira School of Business Studies,Pune. I read the article in which you have written how to remain relevant to today's consumers, the one who innovates,survives! I really liked that article. Thanks & regards.

Sonam Sharma
Ma'am: Your article “Whats your winning look” is excellent. Emphasising on how you dress is important. Waka Waka... the way you presented the facts surely motivates someone to bring mega sport events to India. Best Wishes... I just read your article titled “What's your winning look?!” It was quite impressive. And now it makes me think differently.

Respected Rajita Ma'am. Your article in 4Ps August edition titled "What's your winning look?!" is perfect in the present context where most youth aspire to become big someday> They are forgetting the essence of a "winning look". They don't see what suits them and go with the current fashion, which very often does not suit their personality! Thank you for the guidance that you have been giving to students like us.

RISHABH RAJ, a C.A. aspirant
"WHAT'S YOUR WINNING LOOK?” is an Amazing article. It gives an outlook on how to be a great leader & states the winning leadership qualities. It's totally  impressive.

Arun K. Roy
Ma'am: I always first read your article when I buy 4Ps. Renjith Raj, an MBA working in Moooble The Chief Consulting Editor, Rajita Chaudhuri's articles are so fresh and compelling. The ideas linger in mind for days and remain unsettling until profitable action plan - tiny or big, is in place. CHANGING THE RULES OF THE GAME lives up to and beyond her trademark awesome freshness of success formulas. I have just set out to become an entrepreneur in psychology after being a part of SBI's business paradigm shift for five years. I will continue looking for radical success tips in her articles. Truly great ideas!!!

Uday Vendan. Relationship Counsellor, SBI
Ma'am: I have read your article in 4Ps. Really, it's very helpful.

R. S. Sisodia, Patna
Ma'am: I admire your vigilant eyes. Your storytelling style is mesmerising. Your article on Change was my first read. I'll read 4Ps regularly.

I have a question: should not we be apprehensive to change a product which is already doing well?

Ma'am, your article titled “What's your winning look” is very nice.

Dharmendra Chavan
Hi Ma'am: I am from Gulbarga(Karnataka). I am a student of business studies & found the 4Pa Magazine really helpful... I would like to say that change is the only permanent thing in nature & you have proven it. Thanks you so much.

Jagdish Joshi
Thanks for sharing the success story of brand Smirnoff

The article "DKDC" was really inspiring as it laid emphasis on the new customers and their growing concerns over their demands. Its good to see so many foreign companies in the list, but my concern is this - why are not some of our Indian companies are not showing up though India has got lot to things to sell?

Rahul Pandey
Madam, you article IT'S THE TIME FOR SMART WORK in 4Ps is an eye opening for throught process. Please accept my regards- sales elder pharma hyderabad Good morning madam, i am javan, from dubai, working as accountant. i wish to exchange ideas and share knowledge. Thanks madam. Hi... madam. Realy your article smart and small is ultimate..... i got influenced.... thanks....

Akhilesh Gorakhpur
Rajita Mam, went thru ur article in 4ps. i agree with ur points. we Indians should learn something from B. Obama regarding sestrictions he has started imposing on different sectors 2 revive their economy. here we only say 4 cut expenditure everywhere but practically we allow d reverse. thanx 4 ur timely article.

Subhransu B.Patjoshi.
Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
Respected rajitaji, 4p me mandi se ubarne ke upayon par aapka lekh padha. Khushi hui apne batya ki nirasha ke badal kaise hataye jate hain.

Jayant, Gwalior
"Its time for smart work" gud 1... keep it up..

Sachin, Manager, ICICI bank
I read THELAST WORDfirst time and highly impressed. it would have been much batter if you had give example of BTL while methoning ING Life.

Hi Rajita, your article the last word in the 4ps is excellent and very true. you have also given real good historic and evidential data to prove it. Tnx.

Rajita Chaudhuri's article "WHEN GOOD TIMES ROLL IN..."(in december edition) reflects on a global issue called labour reforms, i am a MBBS student studyinls in India Dear Rajita, I have just finished reading one of the most unique and refined articles on strikes which has been penned down by you in the latest edition of 4ps, Honestly, apart from being transparent, it has totally changed my perceptions about strikes that occur inside the big names (Ferrari and the shoe factory) I must say thanks and hope that you continue doing the same in days to come.

Regards, Rupan (ASSAM)
Hi Rajita Ji... I read ur article on GIVING .. "Santa clause is for real" Very nice article .. But i guess if u would hav mentioned our indian richer philanthropist it would hav been more interesting .. Bcoz everyone knows tht bill gates .. Ophrah are great donars .. But even though ur article was very informative ..
Suresh naik

mangalore, karnataka
Dear Ms. Rajita, your article ' SANTA CLAUSE IS FOR REAL' in Business economy is mind blowing. This would create a very greate impact among the readers. Already in me. Thanks.

Dear Rajita mam I really liked ur article on IPL and ICL. It was as gud as u look in the photo. The best part in 4ps magzine is ur articles thx a lot 4 giving us such a brainstorming and different Content.

Sanyog, JAIPUR - Rajasthan
Good afternoon madam. I read your article on the art of caring and i gained a lot of information. Hope to read more of your articles, regards Rajita, a good article, happy diwali nd nw yr. Dr. b.p.singh, advisor managment education Hi rajita! Your article is 4Ps was really informative. Thank you..

Avinash, Lowe lintas.
Hy mam, read ur article n d august issue 'a new generation f consumers'. Its gud. keep it up George jose, IIPM Mum, FW-08-10 Plz try2cme 2 mumbai IIPM 4 guest lrcture. Good evening madam, My name is manikanta and i am doing marine engineering. I read your article in 4Ps magazine. I am intersted in share market and earning by online(surveys, blogs). can you please tell where can i get best solution for this. Thanking you Nice article Rajita. Expects more insightful articles like this. Thanks

Saji Jose, Cochin
Dear mam, I like the Daily Indian Media presentation. i read your article on google, thanks lot for that its best peak for readers also. Hello rajita, i just read your article about The Psychology of perks. You have done a great job and very well defined Employer Employee relationship in an organization. Best of luck keep doing it. Mam this is sheelan o ug 3. mam i read ur article about how to keep our employee in our concern. it was really quite interestin. the fact was i about to sleep but when i read it i finished n then went to bed. in my point o views i could find two views in that article. one is how a company must motivate its employee n other is typical to our indian employee who is not satisfied with wtever we give. <i.e. the definition of work has changed today, and a good employer is one who understands the art o caring>. Really it was a mindblowing mam. thank you so much Respected mam, your article "the art of caring" was quite good. from this I remember 4Ps of hr. p-policy p-place(work place) p-promotion(like new ads telling co. is fun to work for) p-price(price of retaining vs price of new hire) Ms. Rajita Chaudhuri, I just read ur article "dream of anything..." in 4Ps Vol III Issue 16. Its vry intrsting n that provkng. I plan 2 share wid my MBA students.

Vishal Meel (OSD, SKIT-Jaipur)
Hello Rajita, just gon through - The Last Word. It is innocuously scripted n highly informative coupled with sum glaring n thought provoking anecdotes. Madam, I am an ardent reader of your magazine 4Ps and i read your section 1st after opening the magazine. They are fantastic, awesome. I gain a lot 4m each of the articles. Thanks 4 bringing up such burning issues. I wish u and yr magazine all the best...

Suvransu Mitra (kolkata)
Hi Rajita, just read yur article in 4ps... Very informative, Capturing the essence with beautiful examples... Way to go, Looking frwd wud like to read more articles of yurz. Madam, I am an avid reader of your magazine and to tell u the truth i first go the last article to catch hold of your topic first before reading the other sections. I am a great fan of yours and thoroughly enjoy and try 2 learn every detail from your article. Madam thanks once again 4 yr brilliant stuff....

Hi Rajita, glanced through your article in the current 4ps and couldn't agree with u more about prominance of multicultual marketing and being based in singapore i have seen many good e.g. of it. keep up the good work.

regards, Navneet
Hello Rajita, my self abhishek jonah, shakespeare needed marketing lessons is really good article n branding is very necessary for all company 2 survive in 2 days market. Hi rajita, jst finished reading ur article in 4p's (aug 08 issue), i must it's awsum. though all ur articles r good, bt this one's about chaning mktg strategies, i really liked. good examples.

Hello Dear Ms Chaudhuri. Your article - shakespeare needed marketing lessons, featured in july'08 edition of 4Ps, helped me a gr8 deal in delivering my lecture on brand building. Kudos! ANJU CHAWLA - VISITING FACULTY FOR MGMT AND TRAINER FOR RECRUITMENTS. DELHI. Hi Rajita looking gorgeous on 4ps B&M. we want information about degrees and diplomar of IIPM. Hopefully in next edition our kindly request will be fulfilled.

Dear Rajita, ur write up on the humble handset, info-lightening, interesting. Can u throw some light on 80:20 principle? Thanx

The humble handset's great -

Dr. Jayanta k. Nanda
Dear Rajita, topic of "THE HUMBLE HANDSET" is xlent and realistic also.

Sanjay, Patna
Rajita, was just reading the last word... i liked the article on advertising .. U should come up with books too... N hope to c planman marcom doing good too..

Regards sunil singh
Hi Rajita... this is Pratik from Pune.. I Read ur article regarding "Advertising Industry" in the Business and Marketing Magazine.. D way u described advertisement's importance was amazing.. i really found ur article very interesting and hence sent u a feedback.. Hope to see more of ur articles..Thanks Respected medam Rajita dean centre for UG studies at iipm here from my feed back is the 4Ps B&M is very use ful to me. And its useful to like a business man and i hope this magazine non stop comes in the markets god willing Rajita mam, ths is sachin pethe frm Amravati. Ur article NOt jus a Pretty face is found 2 b usful 2 learn Brand-Celebrity concept. Dear Ms Rajita, loved' stop winking in the dark'. as always 4ps is a treat for me.

Sheela, Hyderabad
Rajita mam, ths is sachin pethe frm Amravati. Ur article Not just a pretty face is found 2 b usful 2 learn Brand-celebrity concept Hi rajita chaudhuri, thx for d eye-opening article on power of merchandising. now i feel, icl would b more popular n reach'd more if kapil invest'd in merchand. Dear Rajita, i m your huge fan. your article have huge database of knowledge. i request you to write for innovative companies. thank you.

Hi Rajita, i m reading ur merchandising chapter in 4ps. It is good but if u use any FMCG product for example then it will more better.

Goodafternoon mam,
I am Tripti worked as a system implementation manager in pharma co. I read ur article' Go ahead, make some noise' I like it very much $ this true for our market also. GoodDay
'The 30 second candidate' article is excellent. Written in simple but effective style. My hearty congratulation to author. Hi Rajita.. Your article on advertising was good and interasting to watch.. Do visit www.indibiz.tv - the first online video directory for brands.

Manish Mathew, Indiabiz.tv
Good Evening Rajita Mam, i am Abhishek sharma, i am regular reader of ur 4Ps, n realy love to read ur The Last Word, Congratulations for that! Hello maam, Thanks a lot4writing such an enlightening article on importance of advertisement. Looking forwrd4more of such articles!

Radhika, Amity University
I Rajitaji i read your article the 30 second candidate it's very nice, RAJITA JI one thing i want to say to you. i have different attitude person, i wanted to become great person in young age. please send your suggetion to me. now i am studing MBA 2nd sem.

MADAM, THE 30 SECOND CANDIDATE was very nice. It gave me an insight about how good marketing decides the future of a country.
Wishin u al de best

Jomy John, Kerala
Hi am a reader of 4ps and business and economy. I ve read the article given by you (30 second candidate) its really very interestin to read the article Actually i was very tired before readin this article. When i started it i didnt feel monotonous and its attracting also. And the final conclusion is tat all the greatness of marketin and advertisin is lyin wit obama . And hope for some more and more good articles from you.

Sankar Kiran
This is regarding Rajita Chaudhuri’s article - - “Who needs billionries?” Which tells how one brand can restore the pride of its nation in the world. Thank a lot 4 enlightening me.

Hi mam I belong to a political family the expanses on election these days are really huge. It is ok for marketing but is’nt the expanses are indirectly of general people the expanses will surely recovered by the party. I know that it doesn’t matter a lot for you because whatever good for market is good in your sense. PRANAV PIYUSH this side if you notice these messages than please reply, if it is only for marketing than its ok & again you have got one. Dear Ms Rajita C, ’PLAY BY THE RULES’ an interesting compilation/News report/Story.

Regards. G V Skaria, Journalist (Defence), The Maharastra Herald, Pune
Madam, THE 30 SECOND CANDIDATE  was very nice. It gave me an insight about how good marketing decides the future of a country. Wishin u al de best

Jomy John, Kerala
I am an avid reader of 4Ps. I specialy like d writings of A.Sandeep n Rajita Chaudhuri. Recent articl on SRK (nIPL) was intrsting piece!!

Saroj Kr deka Guwahati
Hi rajita..
This is Komal dis side i read ur article in 4Ps business n mktg abt olympics..
U hve done a gr8 job n spread ur perception in a gud sense..
gr8 goin
Mam ur essay in 4Ps on ethics in biz is worth alerting. Thank u very much rajitadi! I got lot of ideas about china's economy & mkt opportunities for diff co. From 4Ps, B&M magazine. pliz u tell me other mktg magazine Mdm, i jus read ur article abt corporate espionage in 4Ps. It was really good in terms of data collection, info sequence & final summary, Good wrk.

Prof. Rajita ji, thanks for providing such informatve, great & analyticai article.

Yur Avid reader ANIL. Saharanpur
Ma'am ur articles are very informative n useful. Today I purchased d latest issue of 4Ps, n to my surprise ur article 'play by the rules' came out to be very useful for my tomorrows' class test in college. Ur efforts r worth appreciating. We really get to know d realities of d corporate world and being a student of BBA, it helps a lot to understand d practical implications, which weought to know. looking foreward to more from you. Best wishes...

Hi mam, u r realy a vry gud writr. i read ur articl in 4Ps magzine. "not just a prtty face". irealy like this & ofcourse u r also pretty.

Hi dear Madam!
Its Mohd shahpur(Afghanistan) business 'BIBF' scholar in JMI Univ. 'Bug to the Nano' is a nice article. I 'll be looking forward 4 some more interesting topics 4m u.
Thank U
4Ps of january 18-31, Bug to the NANO was really exciting to read nd knowing about the evolution of new car was very interesting, particularly the perception of people to the car was great.. Expecting more nd more from u. .

Shiva kumar. R Happy valley B-school, Coimbatore. Tamil nadu
Hello Madam, I HAVE READ YOUR COLUM ON "BUG TO THE NANO" IT WAS QUITE INTERSETING AND I HOPE YOU KEEP WRITING ON THESE TYPES OF TOPICS. THANKING YOU Hi rajita read ur article bug to the nano... Really it was very good article on advertising impact on creating a buzz. when u pointed out how frm past to present ad and marketing made impact. expecting more this kind of article which pointed out key to success and sustain in this market. Thank you

Read ur coulam in 4ps on Family !! It was gr8 & wodarful. Aap ki her bat man ko chhu gai !!

Sunil Vaidya, Jabalpur
Ur artical "Pint Size-Power House" is really interesting. Thanks Rajita, 4 such a great info i'd like to read more stuff on same line.

WBR, Avinash, Ad profnl
Hello Mam, Hitesh here Mam, i've read ur articles "First ain't Good Enough". I liked it very much. It gave me a new direction to think. Thank u very much, For Rajita. I work with Wipro. Our products div too has started environment friendly Laptop/PCs. An indian example for Go Green

Tushar Jha
Hi rajita.. it is the vry gurerilla artical on gurerilla marketing on 4Ps.. i got lot of inputs.. did u write some other articals, where i can get those...

Dear Rajita, u r simply gr8 4 giving us an astonishing article on "Guerilla marketing". Get us more on the same. Can u recomnd some books on same.

I buy 4Ps just for last word. keep your good work. wish i had been your student
Vijay, pondicherry
By e-Mail Hello mam,
I am a management student, studying at Accman Institute of Management, Greater Noida. I went through the article and come to know the strategies of various companies to get noticed, such as Nestle used the distribution channel of Coke and Coke maintained its lead on Pepsi using the distribution channel of McDonalds. Other than that I come to know how Lenovo came to limelight which was seen as a successful company by the world, through buying the PC business of IBM along with its distribution system.
Being a management student I find the article very beneficial for me as it not only provides the knowledge about many companies' strategy to get noticed but also it provides me an opportunity to enhance my knowledge about the strategy making of the companies in the times when they are striving to survive or increase their market share.

Bunty Tanwani
Your topic set your foot out is really inspiring , motivating . Just became a fan of you hoping to hear topics on leadership and motivation in the coming days :-) thanking you once again for your dose

Ganesh Bharadwaj ,CA student, Hyderabad
Dear Rajita
I went through your article "Just One", I must say I was intrigued with the way you have put across the entire theme, and I started thinking on the topic myself.
The "one" that you talk about in the article was formed with the support of a lot of numbers behind it.
It took a number of months training for the terrorists to create 9/11.
11/9 - the Berlin wall fell after a number of people worked on it.
It was millions of deaths in WW II that triggered the entire event.
Number of years of frustration that triggered the civil rights meeting.
Number of people that made KBC a success - Not forgetting the concept and the marketing associated with it.
Anyways, what I mean is that the one that we talk about is created after a lot of numbers have worked behind it.
Marketing is the field that i am passionate about, and I do write myself. I loved the way you have put up your article, it is very interesting, I just thought of something and felt like sharing.

Regards, Arnav Sharma
Hello Madam,
I read your article "SHUT UP AND DANCE" and found the subject as well as the content very much interesting, as the article provides a deep insight of the "listening" part in our daily life and how it can be helpful to know our customers.
I am thankful to you for providing the ideas and views on this un touch topic of Communication with easy to understand language.

Thanking You, Sunil Rath
Respected mam,
I am prasant kumar das, from bhubaneswar , i have completed my PGDM Krupajal business school bbsr ,i am a permanet reader of 4ps mag. when i purchase this mag. first i move to read ur articile ,each and every articile written by u is nice with some new idea."shut up and dance " this articile is one of the best .but last two month 4ps mag. i had not read beacuse of job tension .for that i am sorry.

Dear Mam,
Again I've just gone through your new Article on latest 4Ps subscription on "The God Of thinking Small"
I am the ardent reader of 4Ps whenever i read the magazine specially your article it always fill me with positive energy and enthusiasm.
keep on writing mam such a good things i believe I've never come across such a good magazine with such a minimal price and such a great coverage, i'll definitely encourage people to buy the magazines of Daily Indian Media and hope you'll also encourage people to have a healthy meal in our hotel after all i am learning the Business & Marketing through your magazines and this is just an small idea which click in my mine after reading you article as wisely said by you "If you don't do the great things do small things in a great way"
Hope you will like my idea and revert back with your valuable comment.

Thanks & Regards, Roshan Negi, Hygienist
You are always new and different.. just read..late ... but ..took me back in time.. "When phones shrank to mobiles & skirts to minis, the world became a better place for many ..!!!

love u... Ria
Well madam I read the article written by you about SRK. you did a lot of work.You said some times big stars oveshadow the product and explained why Emami asked SRK to endorse and the reason was clear. Are you to write again about SRK in reference to his recent controversy.

Dear Rajita,
I am a Bangladeshi inhabitant working for Asian Paints (Bangladesh) Ltd. have seen your article in BBF which comes nicely. Yes i believe that the elusive 18-34 target segment can be easily reached through video games but u haven't mentioned the product category. But my marketing sense is telling that it would be FMCG category specially the trendy prroducts. But do you have any idea about any alternative media for the Industrial product specially in repair and maintenance category?????
If u have any ideas of 360 degree marketing please let me know.

Regards, Md. Shafiqul Huq shajal
Hi mam,
I m pgdm student, i have read your artical which is MARKETING GOES BEYOUND 4Ps, it was very nice i really agree that today marketing become very tricky company need to know that what the need of the customer, only delevering the product is not enough, i think new product fails due to wrong presentation of product and yet customer does not get real message about product.

Thanks, Ajay Dubey
Dear Mam,
I am regular reader of 4 P's since 2005 , it is very infomative magzine on current affairs of marketing. In this reference I also want to put a article for publication in 4 P's the title is "Nav Ras : The Positioning Funda ..."

regards, Renu Pareek (Asst.Pro.), ISBM, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur
Dear Madam,
I am an MBA graduate from bangladesh. I have just read your article " It's time for smart work" in tha monthly magazine "Bangladesh Brand Forum".I would like to thank you for writing such a inspiring and contemporary article during these days of global recession. You showed ways how to overcome and survive during bad days. We would love to see more from you in future in such critical issues.

Regards, Kaisar
Your article on packaging is quite informative, i hope you will continue the same in near future. I would like to read more article from you on life cycle of product, segmentation, marketing in financial services.

With best wishes, R. MORE
Hello! Mam
I Had Gone Through Your Blog Written In 4P's. I Am Quite Satisfy By Your Opinion About The Oscars Prize. One Things I Would Like To Let You Know That Whether Slumdog Millionre Is Campatible to Indian Society. Instead Of Other Movies It Is Not Quite Good To Submit Slumdog Millionre. This Is The Matter Of Indian Prestige. I Want Your Own View Frankly. If You Don't Mind.

Hello maam,
I am Vardan Negi from BIT Mesra and i am currentlly pursuing endginering electronics.I read your article about ad budgets on 4Ps of 16th Jan edition.It was exciting to know about such facts.Please keep writing such exciting articles.

Thanking you, Vardan Negi
Respected Maa'm,
I found your recent article on "Panic Discounting" published in the magazine 4 P's quite interesting and I could instantly relate it to one of my recent experience. About 3-4 months back, Reebok had launched a new shoes and created a lot of buzz about it through advertisements and promotions. I was lured by the AD's and hence bought the shoe. But, not even two months had passed when sale season began at all Reebok outlets and to my utter astonishment I found that the shoe which I had bought not very long ago was being offered at 40% discount. As, a customer I felt cheated and pledged to myself that henceforth I would buy Sports shoes only during the discount season. As, a marketing student I felt that it was a bad strategy to offer all your products including the latest offerings/valued offerings at discounted prices( as explained in the article). 

Your's Sincerely, Siraj, UG-4, IIPM
Hi, hope all well at ur end...i read ur article on oscars in last word seried on its coorelation with box office success and i must say it was a birilliant article and threw light on hidden fact of producers purposly making movies for oscars to ensure amazing returns on box office so its all planned for financial gains...usually articles on oscars or more specifically on slum dog.....in recent times were very streotype and conventional and talked only unidirectionally on movie grand success at oscars..u tried to throw light on all together new emerging thought and kudos to u for this... Look forward for more such enlightening articles...

Thanks, Shailesh
Hello Rajita,
Just finished reading your write up on the panacea for the bearish economy, and the way the advertising and creativity could jingle company coffers again. Overall the article was very articulate , with great examples endorsing a universal psyche - out of sight , out of mind, and yet again the way the original bucks were made - creativity (still pondering though) Perhaps, advertisements could instigate a revamp of the sagging human faith, while bolstering a belief to get up and get going..Now! Felt really nice reading, or should I say a faith healing. Thanks, and here's looking forward to reading more of your new stuff's ahead !

Regards, Suneet Mathur, Orissa
Thanks for your opinion on the Indian Fashion Industry. As the industry expected to double itself from present levels of Rs 270 cr to Rs 750 cr, within 2012, there is no denial of the fact that Fashion is in! However it is important to make this growth more inclusive and pertinent to all regions and not just to the Urban Elite.
The fashion week certainly showcases the best talents and beauty in the country and demands corporate participation. But the participants of extravaganza are a limited few including a couple of Bollywood friends of the designers. These shows as they progress should encourage more participation by Indian designers thus stop functioning in isolation. The burgeoning trends if made more regionally relevant would make the growth story even more satisfactory.

Thanks, R. Sriram
Hi ma'm this is gulab.u r right about branding.no product gonna work. Only thing is branding ,which will help.DLF The construction giant have done by accuring the name of IPL They have done good job by spending hundreds of crores of rupees .but they r still lagging .they must have used a brand ambasseder celebrity its just cost 2-3 crore rupee but earns 100 n 1000 times more 4 u. What the job amitabh doing

Dear Mam,
I have read a beautiful article of yours in 4ps "A new generation consumers". It`s really worth reading article and fetchs attention of all readers. It`s really right that now a days marketers and markets are both changing at a good speed and those who could run as per this speed only they can sustain in a long run. Hope you keep on giving this types of writing in your coming articles as well.

Regards, Ramavatar Soni
Respcted Mam,
I am regular reader of your magzine  4p's .The kind of information  you are providing  is must for every marketing student. I personally feel your magzine is the best. THE LAST WORD is marvellous. keep it up

Jahanzaib, mba 3rd sem
I am professor of 'Marketing' & 'Strategic Mgmt.' at Magnus School Of Business, Kolkata
You have interestingly pointed out the rise of new generation of customers & the need of the modern marketer to stay on top of the changing paradigms. In the Indian scenario, I would say that in addition to the new generation of youth, another important class is emerging who have time & money to spare i.e the older generation(Senior Citizen) & their share in total population is on the rise.Marketers in India will be required to pay increasing attention to this segment. Another point worth noting is that though there is a growing Indian middle class with rise in incomes, rising prices due to inflation is cutting into their purchasing power to some extent resulting in drop in sales for big supermarkets & shopping malls-due to this, most of them are coming out with discounts & other promotional techniques. Hope that in one of your future articles, you will come out with some thoughts on such issues

Thanking You, Yours faithfully, Achintya Kumar Mukhopadhyay
hiiiiiiiii .........rajita mam .........mukti this side m doin mba nd regular reader of 4ps..........i luv ur articles............nd whenevr i m askd 2 give presentations i chose ur articles........plz reply Hello Ms. Chaudhuri
I have been trying to call you on 9818101234 several times but there is no response. I got your contact details from the article you wrote in 4 P's Business & Marketing. I really liked your article. For almost a year now I have been researching the Emissions Trading industry with the intention of entering as a broker. However since it is a fairly new industry, the material for research seems limited. So your article was a huge element in my research.
Ms. Chaudhuri, I was wondering if you would be willing to assist me in my venture by giving me advise or intelligence on the industry? I currently run my own import/export company with relative success and am looking at new ventures. Carbon trading is something that I have been researching for quite some time now.
I live in Bangalore and thus would not be able to meet with you. But I would appreciate if you are willing to let me call and talk to you for some time regarding this issue. Please let me know if it is ok with you.
Thank you once again for the article and have a nice day.

Regards, Joshi Sikha
Dear Mam,
I regularly read ur articles and find this magazine very interesting. well this was about one of my favourite subjects being talked about so it was really gud. Whether its idea which can change the world or its coca cola which has came up with JASHN MANA LE campaign they are also following it in a 360 degree manner otherwise it is of no fun of advertising in the Olympic Torch Light Rally just spreading awareness through Hrithiks Jashn Mana Le boards and this strategy is paying. recently i carried a survey on the effectiveness of this ad campaign and found that in a period of 2 months this ad has been able to get gud amt of followers. Similar things go with ur companies doing ur life insurance policies. In all do you find the latest ad campaign of Coca Cola effective or not? nd wht abt the latest YOUNG fever of the cola warriors.
I would luv to listen frm ur side abt this nd m waiting eagerly to c ur reply

Regards, Aaditya Razdan
How are You. I just read your latest column in the magazine 4 P's on 'Advertising is Dead'.It's again full of information and the latest 360* approach to Advertising. Mam Can You write something on Consumers Behaviour, as it the most important factor which determines why a person buys any product/services.The modern Business organzisations though takes special interest in Niche Marketing but this thing is always in their mind while designing a product and so they always want to give a different edge to their product/services. Modern Marketers should always be aware of these factors which determines a person to buy that product and by knowing and then exploring that factor with the help of good Marketing Communication they can definitely get an edge over other rivals. Also Thanks for forwarding my name in the page 'Letters to the Editor'. You are a fanctastic teacher and a helping friend. Your last column not only give me clear picture about Plain Advertising lwhich is dead nowI and an first hand information about the 360* degree approach to Advertising Anish Yousaf, MBA-University of Jammu, Bhaderwah Campus
(Also Dear Mam, My result of 1st Sem. of MBA is out and you will be happy to know that I have topped in my Campus. Thanks to You and 4P's Magazine for giving me first hand knowledge over the latest concepts of Marketing and Advertising).

Waiting for your Latest column and your reply to me.
Hi Rajita
I am sure you would have had many positive responses like "Interesting read, Insightful, Eyeopner" for your article "Advertising is Dead" published in 4Ps. And I cant agreee more with those responses!
BTL is a relatively new concept and like any novel concept - its bound to face rejections or tough times before it could be understood and accepted. I need your help in understanding how could a start-up venture with slim resources and literally no track-record implement these BTL startegies. For example an upcoming umm..  a New 360 Marketing Consutlant Agency or Recuritment Agency or a any new service. Also - what sort of medium or methods(like online pop-up ad, networking sites, forums) would be categorised as BTL. I am having a hard time understanding BTL :) or if you could suggest me a book on this topic?

Hope to have a response back.
Thanks & Regards, Amol
Dear Mam,
I regularly read ur articles and find this magazine very interesting. well this was about one of my favourite subjects being talked about so it was really gud. Whether its idea which can change the world or its coca cola which has came up with JASHN MANA LE campaign they are also following it in a 360 degree manner otherwise it is of no fun of advertising in the Olympic Torch Light Rally just spreading awareness through Hrithiks Jashn Mana Le boards and this strategy is paying. recently i carried a survey on the effectiveness of this ad campaign and found that in a period of 2 months this ad has been able to get gud amt of followers. Similar things go with ur companies doing ur life insurance policies. In all do you find the latest ad campaign of Coca Cola effective or not? nd wht abt the latest YOUNG fever of the cola warriors.
I would luv to listen frm ur side abt this nd m waiting eagerly to c ur reply

with regards, Aaditya Razdan
Hi Mam
I just read your column regarding Merchandising in 4 P's and i feel it was full of information for the person who is having a first time reading of the Merchandising Concept.
Dear Mam, Being a regular regular reader of your columns  in the Business Magazine, i always found that your columns are always full of information and the basic examples from the Global World.I personally thanks you for your hard-work and pains-taking nature.
Dear Mam, I wanted you to write a column on THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING IN MAKING A BRAND POPULAR. or write a column regarding the CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR.
Dear Mam, as we know that there is a great scope of RETAIL BUSINESS in India and more and more MNC's  are entering into this with with JV's with the Indian Companys.
so you should also write a column on the above topics.
Dear Mam, I shall be very Thankful to you if i will find your columns, regarding the above topics,in the next issue of 4P's.
Sorry, if i am disturbing You.
Dear Mam, waiting for your reply and your COLUMNS in the Magazines.

Anish Yousaf, J&K
Dear mam,
I am feeling glad to give you feedback. I am an MBA student, francly saying i am not very reguler to pick up the 4Ps B&M. in this (date 11-24 april)issue i went through your article on the advertising, was really the truth. Hope this sort of articles will get everytime. Now i  am going to be a reguler reader of 4Ps B&M.

thanking you.
Hello madam
I am vikas Deoarshi , btech final year student at IT BHU .. i am a avid reader of all the magazines published by Planman . I read your article "who needs Billionaires " .that was fantastic one. But i have one query which i always look out in every business magazine and perhaps it has not appeared in any magazine. Can you dissect how a  company owning web-portal run their business ? what is their revenue model ? is it ads &how user-base is related to profit.
I hope you will come up with a nice article on that..

Regards, Vikas
Respected Madam / Sir,
A backstreet village boy is eager to get his article published in your reputed 4Ps business and marketing magazine. The only thing I want is your true guidance as where and at what address should I send my article for publication. Please guide me and help. A favourable response from you shall be highly regarded.

Regards,Shakeel Khan,(P,G.D.A.M.) Honours
Hi, Madam
My name is rahul. I am student in applide art. I want some imformation,brand Ambassador-what,why,how choose? Why exchange brand ambassador ln the same product? New trend in advertising ? How to use advertisers famous personality?,like sachin, big B, Abhishek, Amir , King khan etc.and please tell me some web to collect information in advertising(theory)I am waiting for your long ans.

Thanking you
Dear Madam,
This is Harekrushna, done MBA in finance and Marketing as dual specialisation. You had recently given an article about Brand slogan, advertisement and ambush marketing. But I did not catch the meaning of ambush marketing. This article was interesting. Mam, after completion of MBA I am working in MEHAK DATA SYSTEM. But this is not my dream job. As I hail from a middle class familly and semi urban area , I have a little knowledge about companies. So I need somebody to guide and show me the path on which I can start my journey of career. Will you please give some tips regarding my career? You can mail me on this id. Have a gud day.

Regards Harekrushna panda
Hi Rajita,
One of the nice articles I have read till date. You have really tried to cover all aspects on corporate issues related to spying. Recently I read 4Ps, superb. Well, yes Competitive intelligence is always needed because if we are not aware of our competitors moves, we are out of business. Ethical ways always work out in long run, so surely as u said we need to play by rules. Can I request you to send me soft copy of this article published in 4Ps, also I would be happy to have softcopies of other atrticles which I have missed , carrying ur thoughts. Looking forward for reply.

Regards Vivek Mantri, Branch Manager-Western India Region, Achieva Group of companies
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Dear Ms Rajita Chaudhari,
Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on writing such an article. To be honest, this was the first time I read this magazine and to be further truthful, I am going to be a regular reader  of this magazine from now onwards. I hope you write regularly in this magazine. I am a final year engineering student at National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam with all the interest in the world for advertising concepts, brand value, etc. In short, I loved your article and the way you have written it was simply awesome. I personally have a not-so-well-managed blog where I started writing about advertisements( http://greylounge.blogspot.com/ ). Starting from Google( I have been such a Google fan ) to the whole Chinese evolution, everything in your article was great.I hope you continue this fabulous job.

Thank You again, Regards, Shankar Das
Respected Ma'm
I am 30 year old and now I am looking for M.B.A. so I want to know opportunities in this field especially in the field of finance. I could secure only 45% in graduation but this condition does not show my real capability because I was physically not well during my 12th B.A. exams. In MAT Exam my Percentile is 73 & I have been working as a trainer for Spoken English since last four years in Gorakhpur City. Kindly suggest me to take right step.

Thanking You, Regards, Manish Kumar Jaiswal, Information Seeker
Dear Madam,
I am a regular reader of your 4 Ps. Magazine, and always look up to your article on Marketing and various facets of it articularly recent edtion (27th ending ) on your article with subject " who needs Billionaires " , this made me write to you and express my alas ... and accolades on your length to depth study on Chinese Brands and products. I am in my early twenties, with knowledge of chinese language and currently working for a logistics company in West Delhi. I didnot have the priviledged to study in a full fledged college and joint the service quite early , Plus I feel the experience here had been very useful, as I now can explore a lot of fields respective to this industry - supply chain , customs, export / import at all. Reading your "well researched articles on China and other East Asian Countires " only making me stick and committed to shifting & eventually working there some day. However, the recent spate of struggle of Indians in Malaysia, which is the booming country in East asia, makes me slightly skeptical about settling down in East Asia. Plus, Home advantage also matters, here we are the kings afterall .. Be concise, i would like your benign company to publish some articles on the workculture in East Asia and what could be the thriving future prospects for Foreign - Chinese speakers in mandarin dominated areas  viz. Singapore , china, Taiwan , hongkong ,  Member of ASEAN Countries.
I am sure, your advise on the same would make everyone of us look up to Working and reap the benefits of these thriving economic countries to the optimum capacity .. Look forward to read great work from your end and accolade on behalf of every Indian, for the revolutionary work your company is bring to the society.

Warm Regards,Pawan Talwar, Chinese name ( wu kong )
Hi Rajita,
Your article on "who needs billionaires?" was very inspiring. It has articulated your point very clearly and indeed was a very great read. Your title has  tint of satire which was so well described in the article. Need to congratulate you on the same. Looking forward to reading some more from you. Regards, Prabal Roy, AVP-Human Resources, Merrill Lynch
Respected Madam,
Nice you name Mr. Obama  as the most interesting, dear thirty seconds leader-product on show. Your message is " container conquers, not the contents". My humble submission  is, with the best Ads, you seek Gold that glitters, but in the process, even with ten seconds display, do not disregard Diamond that dazzles. Ad is one of the tools, not "the tool". I agree Ads count,but I believe ballots count better. The person who can mobilize maximum minds of voters through firm commitments and benevolent  welfare measures, despite mountain  high hassles and hurdles, climb the Everest of Excellence.

Yours faithfully, DR.C.T.George Ph.D, Nellai manor Block Two , SF One, Ramnagar 2nd street, Vijyanagar Velachery Chennai 600042
Dear Rajita Madam,
I got your mail id from the magazine. Its almost 3 months I have not been receiving the magazine, though my subscription was for 3 years starting from Jan 2006. I have been continuously sending reminder and also tried calling them up, in vain. There's no acknowledgement from the office. May I request you for your support and interference in this matter. I look forward for your support,

Regards, Sandeep Dhar
Hello Ma'am,
 The article "Changing faces political campaigns" was an interesting article, which makes it very clear as how marketing plays a key role, whether it is about selling a box of cereals or a candidate. The article was written against the background of American Economy, which is characterized by a proper literacy ratio, analytical ability of Americans.etc. Let's take a view on the Indian economy – how far an advertisement affects the mind of the voters and lure him/her to cast their votes in favour of the advertised party.We have to keep certain things in mind, while formulating a marketing strategy. 1)      The turnout in India is very low which is on an average 55%. 2)      Lets divide this 55% 20-25%--- party people…every party has certain supporters, workers and focus groups. For e.g. -- In Uttar Pradesh, people from SC, ST will definitely vote for their SO CALLED BAHENGI and not other parties. 5-10% ---are the people who are not party people but are very loyal, this includes old people, who will always remain loyal. Now the major ones are this 20-25% where a candidate has to influence, to win election. Now let's divide this 20-25% 18-25 yrs - 5-7 people 25-55 arnd 15. Above 55 1-2. The Advertisements have to be made keeping in mind the above age groups and the psychographic data. We cannot blatantly state the "SHINING INDIA" campaign was flop, it certainly attracted people but there may be other reasons, which remain unveiled and time has buried it. The congress advertisement "CONGRESS KA HAATH, AAPKE SAATH" was also a flop one even though Congress party formed the government. The article was really interesting and I will surely like to write more in India Context. I will be grateful to you, if you can mail me your feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards, Vaibhav Rajput, Delhi School Of Economics.
I am a subscriber of 4P's Magazine since 2005. From the inspiration gathered from your articles, I have made a product and want to send you samples. Please give me your address so that courier can reach you.

Regards, For:- Venus Hi-Tech, R.K. Marya.
Hi Rajita jee,
while reading your articles on "Ethics the vital question".I got to realiesed that customer is the king and business doesn't mean profit maximization but to retain the costomer for long period of time.


Dear Rajita,
I am one of those tireless reader of your article which appears in 4 ps. the recent one about the informercials was very good one. I truly agree with your views on the effectiveness of the informericlas. Although it is such an effective medium hypermarkets& manufacturers are yet to exploit thepotential of the medium effectively. I reside in muscat,worked with nestle india and muscat and with few advertising agencies. I am student of ICFAI university . currently I am doing brand management through correspondence. As I do not get copies 4 ps regularly i have missed few of your articles.I would appreciate if you can forward soft copies of your previous artcles and the future ones as and when possible.

Regards, Dharmesh
I am a regular reader of 4p's b & m magazine and in the nov 23 2007 issue,i really liked the article"SURPRISES in store".it was very interesting to read as its covered information about new trend of advertisement. (THE MALL IS THE MEDIUM OF ADVERTISERS). Thanks a lot for enlightening me.Waiting for many more of such gud article.

Thanks, Jitendra Jain, sr.-branch manager, Aristocrat luggage ltd. indore
Dear Rajita Chaudhuri,
I read through your article on generation next in the 4ps issue dated 22 November 2007. Its shocking to know that brands like levis, Nike are losing its charm to the younger generation. Also promotions through Internet is already  the market trend in European and American market. As you said internet is going to play a vital role in the near future. your article helped me to enrich my marketing knowledge thank you. European countries like denmark -, UK-Mexx, paulsmith, Bench.  spain - Mango etc despite  being  small they are able to bring out world class brands,except for the reason they are developed what other advantages they have But  India lacks? Except for the niche market why India is not able to bring out world class brands in volumes in apparel sector? Once I read an article the only world class brand that india has got is infosys. when countries like china is bringing out brands like haier, lenovo , ning why is it india not able to do the same? I would like to know the answers for these. I would appreciate if you could answer me these questions.

Thanks, Regards, Vignesh
Rajita ji,
I think ur article on gen y in the recent 4Ps mag was awesome. it truly was an eye-opener and the 1st of its sort on the topic. as a 19-yr  old, I've to admit that u presented a gr8 article  to us and the biz community. KUDOS for ur research and effort. no one has presented this  sort of  youth stuff in the manner in which u did. the facts presented to us were also v.interesting to know. thx once again Rajita ji. UR ARTICLE WAS ALONE WORTH FAR MORE THAN MAGAZINE PRICE. IT WAS TRULY THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE ISSUE. i remember the saying " Keep the best to the last". it was definitely true inn atleast this case!!! :) waiting for more of such good articles from u maam

Regards, Vina
Respected Mam,
I feel glad to intimate you that I am very fortunated guy who got the admisssion in IIPM to accomplish my goal .And at the same time feel much enthusiastic to talk about our IIPM CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT where the faculty members are much cooperative & adept in their field who also give such a sagacious skills by their teaching methodology .By the time when I feel little relax after finishing the assignment of my class then I used to read the various business magazines but mostly I prefer to read my 4P's which really gives much more current happenings around the corporate world & also show the various stragegies & planning technique which is now applying by our many giant MNCs.Its great to know more about the "4Ps" business magazine particularly.If, I concern about the this magazine, it really patronizes us in every managerial aspect.I think you have done a great job by promoting this Daily Indian Media industry especially to issue such kinds of business magazines in our IIPM CAMPUS which is much appreciable by me not even me but by all who adore to promote DAILY INDIAN MEDIA Industry.In nutshell, I like to say only one thing no other magazine can compete with the "4Ps" MAGAZINE of the DAILY INDIAN MEDIA industry.

Thanking you ,Your sincerely, ANUJ KUMAR, BATCH- 2007-09, SECTION- FF-1.
Hello Prof Rajita ji,
Its excellent article on branding coorelating with logo.The coverage of almost all phase like brand tookeover another brand,logo change - Effect on Financial Results,No change of logo,coorelation with consumer segment all this is fantastic,Infact last article i read abt urs was that of Marriage on Event Making business ,that was also new and creative topic.But this article of branding and logo, u made it with solid collection and again only on two pages serial making order. Now one suggestion Prof Ranjita ji, if u can give pictures of logo, u r mentioning in the article then that can add more viabilty to article and reader catchy. Sorry for such lengthy comments, actually i also write a lot that is why i did this. We learn from each one of us suggestions. I am product of IIT-D,BITS-Pilani and IIM-Indore,written around 470 articles,180 training programmes and 23 consultancy projects(brand building,restructing and CRM).

Thanks,With lots of regards, PROF. VED PARKASH KUMAR, Executive Director -- VC Group, Chairman -- PRI,South Delhi Chapter
Dear Ms.Rajita,
Good Morning, I hope this mail finds you with well spirits. I Satya,Would like to say "Thank you" for your nice Article [Give and you will receive] in 4PS Magazine.Have a nice day.

Regards, Satya Bhaskar Arja, Analyst Programmer, Syntel Inc, Consider IT Done
Respected Mam,
First of all i would like to  congratulate  you  for your brilliant career. Mam im a regular reader of 4P's magazine. My name is Somnath Gupta,student of IMS GHAZIABAD (PGDBM 2nd year) , I read most of ur article. But when i read ur article, " Give and you will receive" of the month of August, i was literally surprised. According to me this is one of the best article ever read in my life.

Thanking You, Yours faithfully, Somnath Gupta.
I am an 2nd year MBA STUDENT FROM CHENNAI and a regular reader of your articles in 4P'S. Its educative as well as entertaining.

Thanking you
It is good to see that organisation are looking beyond profits and working towards creating better environment, and associating their product to cause have directly hit to the mind of consumers, time being constraint individuals cannot associate with social cause directly, so campaign like these gives them a personal satisfaction of being helpful to society in some way or other. Infact Two Wheeler Industry can supply Helmets along with their product to show the concern for their customers.

Vishaal Vyas
Dear Ms. Rajita,
I have happen to read your article rcently published in 4PS Magazine and I thought I must congratulate you for a well studied and well written article. Keep it up......

Regards, PKD Nambiar, Director & CEO, Flags Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Respected Mam,
Since one year,i have been reading 4P's and i must say, the stories delivered by you is the most important factor which pesters me to buy almost every copy.the way you start a story with a style is strong enough to keep me glued till the end of it. I am eagerly waiting for an article from you,which would cover the marketing aspect involved in Media.I don't know whether it has been covered in 4p's or not as many a times i miss out on the opportunity to fetch a copy of it.

Thanking You, Yours Sincerely, Pragyan Acharya,(Student), Pune,Maharashtra
Dear Madam,
Good afternoon, I am Himanshu Shah and i am working for Daily Indian Media at Ahmedabad in Ad sales division. I do not know whether i can give feedback as i am an employee but then i thought there is nothing wrong in expressing your honest opinions and thoughts. Madam,i have read your article on " The Last Lear " in our latest issue of 4Ps. I must appreciate the analytical bent of the article and would like to say that only and only die hard fan of Amitabh can write this about him. Incidentally, i am also a die hard fan of Amitji but unfortunately i do not possess the art of writing about his prowess unlike you. I once again express my sincere appreciation for the quality of the article.

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